Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Creatures of Memory and Imagination: Figurative Paintings and Collages Available

Romancing the Mermaid. 
Acrylic, gesso, watercolor, oil pastel on paper, 26" x 22."

After the Quilting Bee.  Acrylic and mixed media collage painting on paper, 22" x 24."

Mixed media collage of painted papers of monotyped and painted paper (acrylic, gesso, oil pastel, India ink), 25" x 22."  (Framed, floated on rag mat: 33 x 30.")

Lady with Two Cats. 
Collage of painted paper on painted paper (acrylic, oil pastel, gesso), 22" x 30"
(floated on a rag mat and framed, 38" x 30").

Three the Gypsy Wagons. 
Mixed media collage-painting, 22"x 25."  (Framed, floated on rag mat: 30" x 33.")

What do you mean, you're not a Women's Libber? 
Mixed media on paper, 22" x 20."  (Framed, floated on rag mat: 30" x 28.") 

Bent Mountain Afternoon.
Mixed media collage:acrylic, gouache, and gesso on paper, 20 7/8" x 20 3/8."

(Venus Attended by her Midwife and Wet Nurse.)
Mixed media on paper: watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, pastel sec, india ink and collage,  20" x 16 1/2."

Angel over Egypt. 
Acrylic and mixed media collage-painting, 24" x 22." 

Mixed media collage of painted and mono-printed papers on cradled Masonite, 24" x 24."

Satyr: a detail from Antiquity (shown above).  
Mixed media collage of painted and monoprinyed papers on cradled masonite, 24" x 24."

Confessio amantis (Confessions of a lover).
Mixed media collage of painted papers on masonite (acrylic, gesso, oil pastel, India ink, etc.), 24" 24" with 1/2" cradle the same color as the background.

Dancing Around the Bob-Tailed Beast.  
Drawing in black gesso and acrylic over acrylic collograph,  22 1/4" x 25."

On the Village Green.  
Acrylic and gesso, oil pastel, and pastel sec on paper, 22" x 22."

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